10 years of Finisterre

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of our band. You can not believe how thankful we are for all the wonderful experiences we made, for all the great places we visited, for the thousends of kilometres in the van, hours of waiting at borders, for the good talks, laughs and all this tasty food, for the moments of boredom and joy. And for all these amazing people we meet and we became friends with over these 10 years. Finisterre would not be the same without you. Thank you!

We‘ve recorded some songs in february for a new LP.
Here it is:

It will be released by Contraszt! rec.
Available on Vinyl: Sept. 1st 2017.
Preorders will start at one point.



Next stop: Fluff Fest
See you there :)


I am angry, when I think about you oppressing me. your ideology – the racist and sexist piece of shit you are. so fucking furious, when you teach me to feel weak and small – your normativity concerning norms and behaviours in which we stuck so enormously deep. and blame myself for what ever happened to me – this time it´s been me, but they meant all of us.

I am so angry on the repressive structures when my rage turns into action, when my heart beats for rebellion and protest. on the war inside of me and outside in this world – on my inner prison and the prison structures in this world.

never stop my healing anger, take my impulsivness as a revenge to break free of this patterns which are projected on me. to protect me? to resurrect me? there´s no shelter in terms of abusing power. no protection – just contradiction. feel my burning rage
cause i disagree – I will not accept – I disagree – I do not accept!
(FINISTERRE – Never stop your anger / 2017)



thu 22.06. Münster, baracke, cmar warmup

frid 23.06. Versmold, juz westside, cry me a river festival

sat 24.06. Dresden, objekt klein a, böse+gemein fest


Short Tour in Gran Canaria and Tenerife

We‘ve been to Gran Canaria and Tenerife for three shows :D
Biggest Thanks to all of you who organised the shows, who let us stay in your houses, who lent us all the equipment, who played with us together and who visited our shows. You made us having a very good time!!!

There’s a short VIDEO from our show in Lone Star in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where we played 11.03.2017 together with Speedmatics. (The Video contains one of our new songs called „White Trash“). Thank you Santi!




New Shirt

Hier ist es wieder, unser altes Shirt mit den vier apokalyptischen Reitern von Albrecht Dürer.
Wir haben’s noch einmal neu gedruckt, in den Farben Gold und Silber. Weil wir’s einfach gut finden!
Wenn ihr eins (oder mehr) davon haben wollt, dann könnt ihr das gerne über unseren Bigcartel-Store bestellen.
New Shirt now available in our Bigcartel-Store :)




Hello, here are some not-too-bad and not-too-old and not-that-totally-boring videos (what i think, cheers, Robin) :) from our Russia-Tour in May 2016. Thanks to you camera people <3
Here are the links (Youtube):

14.05.2016 live at Ubezhische in Petrozavodsk
20.05.2016 live at Bar Juznicpark in Ufa, part 1
20.05.2016 live at Bar Juznicpark in Ufa, part 2


Interview pt.II

After Manuela’s interview with underdog fanzine, here’s another interview Philipp did with the polish based webzine IDIOTEQ.COM. Have a look & read:



“Against nationalism” – an interview with Philipp from Contraszt! Records & FINISTERRE


Interview pt.I

In der neuesten Ausgabe #43 des UNDERDOG Fanzine findet sich ein längeres Interview mit Manuela: