I am angry, when I think about you oppressing me. your ideology – the racist and sexist piece of shit you are. so fucking furious, when you teach me to feel weak and small – your normativity concerning norms and behaviours in which we stuck so enormously deep. and blame myself for what ever happened to me – this time it´s been me, but they meant all of us.

I am so angry on the repressive structures when my rage turns into action, when my heart beats for rebellion and protest. on the war inside of me and outside in this world – on my inner prison and the prison structures in this world.

never stop my healing anger, take my impulsivness as a revenge to break free of this patterns which are projected on me. to protect me? to resurrect me? there´s no shelter in terms of abusing power. no protection – just contradiction. feel my burning rage
cause i disagree – I will not accept – I disagree – I do not accept!
(FINISTERRE – Never stop your anger / 2017)



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