*our piece of cake*

*our piece of cake* — when we started playing shows with finisterre like about 11 years ago I was mostly the only woman* involved on stage the whole evening. guys came up to me saying stuff like, they like the band cause I´m „a chick, but I sound like a man“! they didn´t get, that this is actually no compliment – also, the base range of the voice is no matter of gender but of the length of the vocal cords – dude…anyways, the awesome thing about being in a band for a long time is, to take part in and to be part of a discourse. things changed a lot in the last years, which is definately based on the effort of single statments which became more and more a crowd of solidarity of women*, queers and allies who were fed up to the back teeth. we knew we share similar experiences in the scene and we know, we are many. without that, we would not be on that point where we are now! WE GOT THE POWER! thanx and love to all those brave and lovely people who still stand up to overcome the punk/HC boys club and for your constant encouragement! up the cakes against girl* hate!
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