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Never Stop Your Anger

I am angry, when I think about you oppressing me. your ideology – the racist and sexist piece of shit you are. so fucking furious, when you teach me to feel weak and small – your normativity concerning norms and behaviours in which we stuck so enormously deep. and blame myself for what ever happened to me – this time it´s been me, but they meant all of us. I am so angry on the repressive structures when my rage turns into action, when my heart beats for rebellion and protest. on the war inside of me and outside in this world – on my inner prison and the prison structures in this world. never stop my healing anger,
take my impulsivness as a revenge to break free of this patterns which are projected on me. to protect me? to resurrect me? there´s no shelter in terms of abusing power. no protection – just contradiction. feel my burning rage
cause i disagree – I will not accept – I disagree – I do not accept!

Twist & Turn

push the body to the limits. figure out how far you can go. push the energy of that (human) body – your body. how far can you go? this energy is at most limitless. push the body and hold the tension. it´s not about body – it´s about mind. let them cut your skin. let them drink your blood. let them create you – manipulate you. it will push you to the limits, limits that you never could imagine. Feel the limits – hold the tension. no limits – high tension. take it as an introduction, (a) mirror, (a) description, to show through your public limits, how far society is willing to go, while actually we ourselves don´t instruct anything.

Hungry Heart

what is freedom for a hungry heart? what does it mean for the hungry heart? tell me the truth for your hungry heart! is freedom still a battle cry? or just a managing act to turn your own biography into a training camp for your personal succes. what is power for a hungry heart? what does it mean for the hungry heart? tell me the consequences for my hungry heart! a decay of personal and collective structures and idealism, which transforms the public spirit into selfishness and stubborness into adaptability. honestly, the so called individuality becomes a state of compliance, a deception on your own trust and the trust in others . it´s a fucking lie! ok, so life just turns out into a lie! a fallacy? yes! into a fucking lie! into a lie! that´s why my cursive letters turn into knives. if this is your last point of view, this is my last heartbeat! it´s a fucking lie!

No Love Left Behind

when night falls, all the little moments arise. desillusioned, with an empty view and no perspective. a life of full isolation, where friendship is made of. no love left behind. days are passing by, while starring at nothing. the face broken by distress, the body tensed. pain couches everywhere, watching people fading into shades. remaining silence loudly, speaking without words. see through wet eyes, bloody hands, no heartstrings left. lick it, inhale it, take some more, push it in your veins. forget everything for a single wink. this holy moment. rest. misstrust everything, leave everything behind. close your eyes. lick it, inhale it, take some more. push it in your veins. forget everything for a single wink. this holy moment. my heart – in flames. close your eyes. make it stop. it will never stop.

A Wasting Disease

a racist society creates paranoia – which turns into a wasting desease. insufficient comittement, that seperates me from my own convictions. I can´t trust – no! I can´t touch – no! your blood – on my hands, my breath – just a lie. their blood is on your hands and your promise – a lie. torture and destruction – the result of structural violence. political beliefs get exploited for racist agitation. for my safety?! no! for your safety?! no! to justify more police forces and even more state surveillance, conterrevolutionary and reactionary. fucking white guilt – supremacy shit. oppose the ruling logic and alienation, disbelieve in objective analysis, create spaces against resignation and fight for shelter. a wasting desease, insufficient commitment. their blood is on your hands and your promise is just lie. cause victory won`t go to those who inflict the (most) suffering, but to those who survive, who survive.


re-establishing old patterns, to consolidate the own status. stop commenting. stop pretending. start acting and changing. start act(ing). and do not forget, change starts within you – your narrowness, your lifestyle – start act(ing).
it´s not enough to gender language, it´s necessary to change thoughts. self-reflection – self-connection. inner process, inner struggle, with your fears, your heart. no answer. what´s your personal objective? your wish? your feeling?
so I gonna ask you now, what´s your central benchmark of political subjectivity?
uncovering, revealing and fighting against conditions & institutions…fighting against!

Crucial Times

far out the first morning light dilutes the luscious jet-black of the sky. it´s the moment where yesterday turns into tomorrow and there´s no today for a while. that moment, which is most dreaded by the sleepless. my face feels too tight, I palpate a mien which I do not recognize, an ugly grin, which is terrifying me, which does not belong to me. my voice dies away, words not made to say. my voice dies away, not worth to understand. my voice dies away and nobody ever hears my cry. the fear of getting perished of yourself is my constant companion.
it poisons me from the inside of my rotten point, but nobody ever hears my cry…

Heaven Is Wasted On The Dead

words in revolt to release my belief, distances me from the life I live. the air I breath, the dreams I dream, life is on the line – on the edge. my redeeming moments, arises, kills and regrets – but slowly takes posession. do I value myself more than my terrors? that your silence does not protect you – does not regret you. what difference does it make. stop dreaming as a crime against reality. start acting to create anarchy. to bond the moments together – the past, the present, the future. this is the difference that it makes.

Split 7″ EP w/ Geraniüm

facing fears

warten. das gefühl für den richtigen zeitpunkt…mein altes leben…so unwirklich…so surreal…doch noch kenne ich nichts…noch kenne ich nichts anderes…noch fehlt mir der eindruck…dass dieses leben eine täuschung war…das dieses leben eine täuschung ist?…dass dieses leben eine täuschung sein könnte…riskant und sorglos! riskant und sorglos? die richtung einhalten…unbeirrbar…doch unbewusst…verrät spannung…anspannung…this life is a sham…gelebt und gebeutelt auf kosten des heutigen…für dass ich an manchen tagen kaum kraft aufbringe…and then… loosing my nerves…I am restless…where should stay the pain…I have no solution…no conclusion…no risk – no sorrow…I know nothing else…there is no option instead of corruption…a missing impression that this life has been an illusion, that this life is a sham…but I feel the tension…high rate of excertion…where should stay my pain?

have you ever had this point in life, where you look back on your own life and think: actually everything like always, but totally different – and suddenly you realize, nothing works like before: crisis! this piece of music shall be understood as a motivation to take that risk and go through this – beside all the bad things you have to pass, it may open a space for new perpectives and fullfillment. sometimes it´s really worth to profit from this struggle.


i am the time that wastes and destroys you…i have arisen to my might…i am here to swallow…to swallow up your inner strength…for your discouragement…too cold to feel…too deep to realise…too fast to react…i am that hole that grows inside you…cause there seems no need to live…but everyday…a new challenge to fail…my sickness of your narrow view…just keeps me crawling backwards…i‘m not looking out for salvation…i do not believe in that shit…i do not believe in fate…gonna drift me in misery…where is this place with no light…no answer to grasp for…the future has passed…i spit in your face…don‘t tell me how to resist…if there’s no reason to exist…my senses tell me to hold on to this…serenity is already captured…and when you awake you‘ll realise…the bitter taste of compromise…i‘m your shelter with a thorn in my chest…knowing how to resist…there’s a reason to exist…no need to hold on to this…serenity is never captured…stay awake and realise…this foolish low down compromise…there’s a beat in my chest…again and again and again and again…do look out for salvation?…do you believe in that shit?…do you believe in fate?…do not drift me in misery…i shit on this place with no light…there’s always an answer to grasp for…the future is you…i spit in your face.

it may seem that i‘m bruised – but i‘m not dead. so stop commenting on my life – don‘t you think that i‘m the only one who knows what’s good for me? don‘t threat me with your idealistic and misunderstood theories. i don‘t need you to teach me how life, feminism and my personal & political struggle works – i do know it – also without you and your detached explanations!

Hexis EP

broken thoughts

things get broken and keeping me smile
when everything seems to be lost
nothing is left to beware of
drop off this life – off the wall

drop off the purpose of life – of love – of breath
reality depends on what you‘re willing to fill it with
a silent dance with a smile on your face
when it all tears down and no chance to react

no one belongs here more than us

the analysis of the personal review of life
is not just an attempt to describe
but more a tool with which to change it
and the outer circumstances

a silent dance on the debris of life
every breath – a waste of time
because the shadow of the past
will hold the future hostage

potential threat

i have the right – to have my own feelings
i have the right – to refuse a date without feeling guilty
i have the right – to make decisions based on my own feelings
to wear clothes and make-up i like
without being treated respectless or accused of

i have the right – to have my limits respected
to have my wants and needs respected
to say ‚yes‘ or ‚no‘ without explaining myself

i have the right – to refuse intimacy anytime
to have equal relationships
to be quiet or assertive and not be misunderstood

i have the right – to change my mind and goals whenever i want to
to ask for what i want
to be happy
self esteem
without justifying myself

in the face of a looming war
i refuse standing still in the eyes of storms
i refuse to get misleaded and trapped
in a role of fear-and-decent based education

i feel myself – behind wire fences

it’s my right of self determination
of physical and mental integrity
it’s not me to blame for it
to justify
it’s you (to take responsibility)

all the walls i strike my head against
are based on the expression
of my anger regarding gender opression and rape



it can seem so attractive just to give up and say ‚fuck it‘
when we are confronted day after day with the grim reality of the world

just to give up – day after day

many around us are concluding that we are doomed
in the grim reality of the world

reality – sucks my brain
reality – fucks my brain

shut the fuck up
shut that fuck up
shut up

fuck you!

coffee killer

some like it white – some like it black
i just want coffee and a vegan cheesecake-snack

sugar is optional

1 – 2 – 3 – 4

drink coffee and destroy

coffee rules my life

Bitter Songs LP

orwell nation

ranzoomen, rauszoomen – protokollieren, attestieren
ranzoomen, rauszoomen – markieren, stigmatisieren
ranzoomen, rauszoomen – biometrieren, aussortieren

freiheit wird garantiert
und vor jeder aktion, kommt zuerst die reaktion

nothing to hide
nothing to fear

den weg längst geebnet
längst die fesseln selbst verpasst
den chip implantiert
sicherheit wird garantiert

orwell nation


all orwell nation to death

daily surveillance is on the rise! most people call for more and more surveillance to feel secure. the concept is to evoke feelings of hatred and fear against an abstract enemy that menace (western) society in order to decontrol so called „civil rights“. But the really disappointing and scary aspect of all this is, that people really believe in security through surveillance. they give a shit about getting controlled by cameras, fingerprints, electronic passports, phone and internet tapping, gps monitoring […] and cry for more, more and more. western society is a grateful victim, living in the illusion of democracy and freedom and it seems that they just can`t get enough until it`s too late and the nightmare of an orwell nation is unstoppable! nothing to hide – nothing to fear!

no matter how hard

what a fuckin´ joke
how can we be free
underneath their yoke

suicide is illegal and you know that´s wrong
how can it be illegal

i see it´s a con
can´t escape their trap
no matter how hard you try
they´re the ones with the map

to your destiny
they control emotion and you know it too

no matter what you try
they rule over you

racism, sexism – that´s the name
the name of their game
they know what they´re doing


media control
control on their minds
is the key to suffering

you move towards
your opposite but it becomes
becomes a bad scene

no matter what you try
it´s not your way they´ll lean
not your way

The text was written by Adam Hall from Durham while he was imprisoned. Several other bands also used the lyrics and published it to concrete their statements about „no-prison!-movement“. In solidarity with all the imprisoned and victims of violence by the state and the institution of judiciary. Against isolation and for the perspective of a society without any prisons, without any repression, without any privileges and against all authority!

the unspeakable

my body? – it´s mine!
dear body – i´m sorry!
sexuality – wounded by domestic violence
sexual assault

i am plagued by the shame of having been treated
like worthless and crap
was it all my fault? – did I deserve it?

felt like I had shattered into a million pieces!
in the end, all what stays
is the bitter feeling of unconsciousness,
silence and passivity
instead of fury and hate

scream when it hurts
‘cause I won´t suffer in silence
‘cause I refuse to die
by enunciating it – it´s getting real!
but there´s no life in silence
and I refuse to die

it´s in every face I look,
everything I wear,
everything I do
the pain will always be with me!
signifying pain
rage and despair
scream it all out
let pressure off
scream it all out and walk away
with something positive

let the signifying pain cause rage and despair
to let the pressure off
to scream it all out
and leave with some awareness!

no more denying!

Sexual violence has many froms of appearances. It often starts with daily sexual overtures and verbal harassment, with sexistic language and misogynic jokes. Unfortunately it´s often not defined as violence, because it happens so often, that it seems to be normal. Violence starts (in this point), where people of different gender-identities feel restricted in their personal freedom, when they have to avoid certain places, paths or situations for not being insulted, harassed or threatened. The person affected by sexual violence could be everybody – regardless of age, look or social status. Statistically more people who define themselves as female are affected. Lesbian women, migrants and women with disabilities are not only discriminated by being a woman, but also because of nationality, sexual orientation and handicaps. In the majority of cases of sexual violence against people who define themselves as men, the aggressor is also male. Perpetrators are rarely people you don´t know. In most cases they are part of your social frames of reference: friends, partners, husbands, fathers, brothers, colleagues, peers… Violation happens there, where people should feel free and safe, for example at home! This simply indicates, that the reason for sexual assault is not (just) sexuality but more often it’s power and the abuse of power. The self-determination of one´s body gets anulled by another person. Against all basic principles, based on consent („Zustimmungsprinzip“) and the power of self definition („Definitionsmacht“), sexual desire and sexuality get functionalized to humiliate, to abase and to oppress people. Often the affected people feel abased as an object, considering their own body as valueless, disposable and are in most parts heavily traumatized. But the barrier to open themselves and their experiences to an intimate and reliable person is still very high. Not rarely the reaction of others is silent concernment, embarrassing compassion or even in incapable defence – often an emancipatory exposure to the effects of sexual assault is missing. All what stays is the daily struggle with this experience. This is a big „fuck you“ to a patriarchal society that tells us to shut up, when it comes to rape!

forever. the end!

this ist he living
this ist he death
verrottende seelen
verrottende körper
this is the living
this is the death

no more
no dignity
no mercy

was zählt ist gewinnen
was stört ist das leben
das was zählt, ist das nix zählt
wer gewinnt und wer verliert?

we are the living
we are the dead
verrotende seelen
verrottende körper
wo ist das leben?
wir sind schon tot
we are forever

this ist he end

we`re living in a doomed wasteland where power, work and egoism is the highest goal to reach in life. if you`re not a willing part of it , if you won`t follow all the (unwritten) laws, duties and rules of capitalism you`ll get kicked out of life. but this is a much better feeling than living your life in a coffin, rotting and getting buried alive in graveyard nation! fuck off and die – sterbt alle!

nights of fear

no europe at the expense of the excluded
no security force even more powerful
no europol giving shit on data privacy

fortress europe – surviving or dying
policy of foreclosure with fatal result

freedom, a word without meaning
hope = a deficit of information

forced to return – to sink – to die
days of war, nights of fear

no morning

From the Schengen Agreement to the Dublin Regulation,from the European Pact of on Immigraton and Asylum to the so called „Directive of Shame“, from Frontex to the IOM, from the detention centres to the practices of expulsion and deterrence, from the boarders to the capitals, Europe is clearly dealing with the pheomenon of immigration with meassures of repression and border control. In 2008 more than 17000 refugees reached the island of Lampedusa by sea. The italian „refugee embassy“ registered more than 649 dead people just in this year. How many ships dropped unnoticeable is not known! The european union is seperating itself. It´s external borders are closed with help of Frontex´s 112 ships, 25 helicopters and 21 planes. Criminalization, manhunting and death of (officially) 12000 people since 1988 is tacitly accepted.

drama in 3 akten

die vergangenheit ist teil meiner zukunft
die gegenwart lässt sich nicht kontrollieren
der mensch ist nur ein produkt des kreislaufs seiner zeit

das zentralorgan – das herz
was dich am leben hält
von dem alle macht ausgeht
von dem alles sein ausgeht

der höhepunkt des seins
weicht der wut über den zwang
pumpen, schlagen
einstrom – ausstrom

kreislauf – lauf der zeit
zeit des lebens
lauf der zeit

die zeit läuft ab
das leben verstummt
der kreislauf bleibt stehen
das leben verstummt

vollständig verschlossen
der zulauf abgeschnitten
kein einstrom – kein ausstrom
der muskel gibt auf
das system versagt
keine durchblutung
keine versorgung
kein leben

das ausmaß der zerstörung: herztot


Basically, this text is about the metaphoric moment of the human heart. On the one hand, it describes the anatomical way of functioning to assure the main vital function as the central regulation of life. On the other hand it shows how fast life can end, depending on many general circumstances, in which you’re helpless.

me, on wire

freedom – my hope, my fear, my dream
all around and still irrecoverably lost?

in confrontation with entrenched ruthless power
betraying world
in times of mental wasteland + exclusion
wreckage of life

engaged in struggle to achieve freedom
in search of life, of myself

no heteronomy by society
or social frames of reference
revolution of life, of myself

freedom is a well often used topic to sing and write about in the left scene. It seems like the highest goal to reach. But quite often I experience that it´s not just society who forces me to do certain things, to wear special clothes and to behave properly. it´s as wll my direct environment, for sure my family, but also my social frames of reference. Also my friends do expect me to be like someone they picture me, like what they want me to be. I should always stay the same, be in the same mood, with the same statements and attitudes,be the same funny, the same friendly – but where is my private freedom when i cannot even feel free by the people i love?


casino aachen

Nichts bereuen – niemals bedauern
kein Gedanke an gestern
alles auf rot – alles verloren
na und?
Das ist mehr als nur ein Film im Kopf
hier wird sich nichts verändern
Jeden Tag ein bisschen mehr krepieren
und what the hell is hier schon richtig
wenn hier gar nichts richtig ist
wenn einfach nichts mehr stimmt
don‘t care about reality
we will loose and nothing will change

Do you know this feeling of regret and disbelief if you did right in
pivotal moments? Are there any right decisions and what the fuck is right
in this doomed society? there..s no accurate life in a false one!

gruner + jahr

Schwarz-rot-gold als Kuschelersatz
poisons our atmosphere
aus deiner Flagge viele werden
aus deiner Stimme ein ganzer Chor

Patriotismus wird salonfähig
Mia & Konsorten machen es vor
erzwungene Deutschquote im Radio
staatlich erzwungene Leitkultur

Papst, WM und Kriegseinsatz
Deutschlands Ego schiesst empor
deine EU-Vormachtsstellung errinert an alte Herrschaftsstrukturen

Hast Desinteresse an Geschichte
Rufst „Wir sind Deutschland“
Medien propagieren, relativieren
- verhöhnen Deuschlands Opfer

Kein Vergeben – Kein Vergessen

In year 2OO6 a massive media campaign called „Du bist Deutschland“ (You are Germany) was launched to promote nationalist ideas and a new national identidy. The Initiators were mainstream media companies – one of them the company Gruner & Jahr- , which created uncountable TV-Spots and Newspaper ads. They reverted to propaganda-instruments of national-socialist germany, by creating a sense of nationality by blood relationship.
But this was just the climax of a huge raise of nationalism in germany in the last years, that might have started in the discussions about the engagement of german’s military in the Kosovo and Afghanistan and the new „role“ that germany’s elite wants to play in world-politics. Unfortunatly you can see the effects: a pope that is celebrated, just because he’s german, discussions about a quota of foreign music in the media, thousands of flag hanging in the streets (not only during the football-world cup in 2OO6)….and in an increase of nazi violence.
Fuck Germany – Fuck Nationalism!!!
Never Forgive – Never Forget!!!


Ein Blick auf den Asphalt
schmeckst du den trockenen Staub
spürst du das Knirschen deiner Zähne
kein Riss im Sard aus Stahl
im dem die Luft zu heiss zum Atmen ist

Verrottende Gedanken – Zerfallene Gefühle
nichts sehen – nichts schmecken – nichts fühlen – nichts denken

Die Luft zu heiss zum Atmen
Erdrückende Dunkelheit gesört durch Neonlicht
Geruch nach toter Luft

Hier + jetzt erfroren in Hitze, Asphalt, Stahl und Beton

Dull tenement blocks as embodiment of the anonymity and lack of prospects in cities. Excluded to/in suburb-ghettos, where one ought to stay to be available as cheap labour forces, whereas living space in inner-city regions become not affordable anymore
(But you aren‘t welcome there anyway)
Area-rehabilitation and a policy of urban devlopment result in soulless, misantropic ghettos due to segregation through

ums ganze

Von der Kontrollgesellschaft zum Überwachungsstaat
glaubt ihr wirklich an die Justiz?

Wo Kapitalismus legitimiert wird
wird der Kampf um Gerechtigkeit strafbar

Wo Meinungsfreiheit gekesselt wird
wird „freedom of speech only for those who do not speak“

Wo linke Lebenserhaltung kriminalisiert wird
wird Autonomie eliminiert

Repression des Alltags
Willkommen im Leben

Gleichschaltung in Uniform
Willkommen im Leben

Wenn Mensch nur noch durch den Wert seiner Arbeit zählt
dann zählt nicht uns sondern eure Tage

Wir werden noch tanzen bis an euch keiner mehr denkt
euch das Geld, uns das Leben

Leben – ohne Existenz
– ohne Identität
– ohne Selbst

nur noch funktionieren


„ums ganze“ basically developed in summer 2007 during the preparation and realization of the protest against the G8-summit in heiligendamm, germany. Just before the summit started, activists faced huge police repressions while massive house-searchings where going on in hamburg and elsewhere, to avoid that people take part in the resistance of this action/meeting.
Furthermore, during the summit, german military and police tried to stiffle the protests and to prevent that activists form mass resistance out of a democratic basic right.
The text mainly takes up the opinion, that living in a world where capitalism is legitimized the fight for justice gets punishable and an independent and alternative lifestyle gets criminalized.
There is no freedom of speech any longer and democratic society turns into a controlmania and an observation state.
There is still a existance, but no life, no identity, no self…just functioning…


Trotz der Freunde um mich herum
fühle ich mich doch allein
unter meiner Bettdecke
verkrieche ich mich
vor der Kälte dieser Welt
die mich erfrieren lässt

selbst die Sonnenstrahlen
können das Grau des Alltags
nicht wegwischen

Anforderungen und Erwartungen
drohen mich zu zerquetschen

Ich halt..s nicht aus
ich will hier raus
doch trau mich nicht
drum jammer ich!

Reg dich doch auf
und lach mich aus
ich find..s nicht schlimm
viel Weltschmerz drin!

This song is meant pathetically and ironically (even self-ironically), cause nearly every crustband has just negative lyrics in their songs. Bad mood seems to be an etiquette for the scene.
Our intention is not to make fun of people with depressions. Showing emotions is cool, but just if it..s authentic!


Schatten – Abgrund – Dunkelheit

Erkennst du das Leben hinter dem flüchtigen Schatten?
Flüchtige Schatten – Erinnerung?

„Du“ liegst hinter dir, vor dir: der Abgrund

Leere – tonloser Schrei

rennen, rasen, taumeln, tanzen
durch Tunnel, Gänge, Blitz und Donner
du läufst – du rennst

im Labyrinth des Dunkels
im Chaos der Gedanken

keine Wahrnehmung
wer du mal warst

taube Wahrnehmung
wer du grad bist

keine Wahrnehmung
was du sein wirst

„jijl“ describes the process that people turn into robots, just following a predetermined path…in a time, where life and work gets more and more precarious and peolpe are forced daily to look just after themselves, solidarity becomes just an empty phrase. Life turns into a competition. You..re loosing your individuality after ages of brainwash by state-action and repression by law.
but in some moments you look inside you and you notice moments and situations whAere there is something different and you..re not sure if this is life behind this brief shade – is this just a memory?
„you“ are already behind yourself, in front of you: the cliff…you are in the middle of a labyrinth of darkness and chaotic thoughts.
No feaeling of who you have been…what you are right now
…what you will be…


die folgende Werbung finden wir übrigens oftmals SCHEISSE, aber es wechselt ja ständig :